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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy Certification

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30 Live Sessions

10x Beginner Certificate

Masterclass (3 month access)

Global Alumni Status

Curriculum Includes

  • Fiat Money Vs Cryptocurrency

  • What is Financial IQ

  • Buying Decision Making

  • Principal of Demand and Supply

  • Assets-Liability

  • How to be Rich

  • Importance of Savings

  • Introduction to Budgeting

  • Scarcity and Opportunity Cost

  • Different ways to earn Money

  • What's accounting

  • Online buying and avoiding fraud

Rs 25,000/-

60 Live Sessions

10x Foundation Certificate

Virtual Simulator Projects

Masterclass (1 year access)

Global 10x Alumni Status

Curriculum Includes

 Financial Literacy Foundation 

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Equity, Mutual Funds, Index Funds,

  • Training on Equity Trading Platform

  • Training on Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

  • Diversifying and mitigating Risks

  • Introduction to Portfolio Management

  • FinTech Business Models

  • New Age Businesses

Rs 45,000/-

150 Live Sessions

Virtual Simulator Projects
10x Certification

Masterclass (Lifetime access)

Global 10x Alumni Status

Seed Funding

Beta Launch of Business

Curriculum Includes

 Financial Literacy Foundation 

 Financial Literacy 10x Certification 

  • Equity Investments

  • Investments in Bonds

  • Hands on Training on CryptoCurrency trading Platform

  • Portfolio Management

  • How to Build a Product

  • Product Market Fit

  • MVP

  • Growth Hacks

  • Investor Pitch

  • Funding

  • Leadership

  • Design Thinking

  • How disruptive businesses are built

Rs 99,000/-