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10X Influencer Program

This program aims to teach children the VALUE OF MONEY in real life. We want them to experience the efforts of earning real money and at the same, an opportunity to enhance 21st century skills like creativity, communication and critical thinking.


After much deliberation, we are releasing our first 3 projects, which not only fullfil our core purpose but also spread a word about the importance of financial literacy in today's world.

Project 1

Create a video explaining why financial literacy is important for children, what did you learn from the course and some real life experiences where you applied your finance knowledge. Your video should be at least 5 mins long.
Rs 350  
Communication, Critical thinking

Project 2

Teach any financial literacy concept from 10x curriculum by recording a video. Your video should be at least 5 mins long where you have to explain the topic and then you have to share a real life example where that concept is used.
Rs 400  
Communication, Creativity, Planning

Project 3

Conduct a live session with 4-5 friends and teach them basics of financial literacy. You have to plan a 25-30 mins long session (10x team can also help set up an online class, if needed). Please note that you have to record this live session and share it with 10x team
Rs 700  
Communication, Planning, Creativity, Critical thinking

Rules and guidelines

- Only 10x students are eligible for participation.

- Student can work only on 1 project at a time.

- You choose your project, complete it and email us your video at 10xinfluencer@education10x.com

- 10x team will review the video and, if found relevant, would upload the video on 10x official youtube channel

- Once the video receives 100 views on the channel, you can claim your project money by sending us an email at 10xinfluencer@education10x.com

- You can also promote the video amongst your friends and family to swiftly get 100 views 

- For any support or guidance, email us at 10xinfluencer@education10x.com